Online Casino Bonuses

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, gambling brands online have bonuses that can give the player an immediate boost in money before they ever even play a single hand or roll spin the slots. The bonuses online give a player to earn extra money in lieu of their outstanding victories. But just like anything else in the casino industry, whether it be games or the sites themselves, there are a number of different bonuses and different variations on bonuses.

Because the amount of bonuses that exist today is extremely overwhelming, you are tasked with finding the sites that offer bonuses that suit your needs best. In the following few paragraphs I will brief you on the various types of bonus including no deposit, high roller, and first deposit bonuses. If you do not know the difference between all the bonuses you will not be able to figure out what website you should be playing at.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are exactly as the name suggests and they are great because you do not need to risk much of your own money in order to play games at a given casino. These types of bonuses are not quite as common as first deposit bonuses but they are definitely easier to use. Also, no deposit bonuses are typically quite small, meaning they will typically not exceed $20 but can sometimes be as larger as $100. The thing about no deposit bonuses is that you have to do a few things before you are able to cash out the money that you have won.

If the online gambling sites did not set up wagering requirements then a player could use the free money they were given, play a few games and win some money, and simply cash out from the site without having ever risked any of their own money. The wagering requirements that are laid out in front of you are not crazy or impossible to reach, but they do make sure that you have at least played a little bit on the casino before you are able to take your money and run. A lot of gambling brands completely negate the effectiveness and purpose of a no deposit bonus because in many cases before you can cash out you have to deposit an amount of money. If you are just trying one of the online sites out then finding one with a no deposit bonus is a must.

First Deposit Bonuses

A first deposit bonus is given to new players who have just recently signed up at a brand. Besides being called a first deposit bonus it is also known as sign up bonus or a welcoming bonus. The amount of money that you can receive through a first deposit bonus can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as many as a few thousand dollars. The first deposit bonus at a casino is also known as a matching bonus and what happens is that the gambling property will give you a percentage of your deposit as a bonus in free money. So if your bonus is a 50% deposit bonus up to $1000 and you deposit $500 they will give you $250 free. The bitcoin casino is one of the first bitcoin related casino that is making shock waves through the cryptocurrency world. Using this alternative to FIAT currencies, first deposit bonuses become easier to obtain and to clear when depositing online.

Online gambling sites can change the terms of the bonus in order to make it sound better than it actually is. Some casinos will boast percentages as high as 300 but it does not matter if the maximum amount of money that can be given to you is no more than $200. Paying attention to how some of these bonuses work is really half the battle because if it looks good on the outside and the terms make the deal bad, then it isn’t a good bonus and you should stay away from it.

Minimum deposits are another thing you should pay attention to when signing up at a site for wagering online that offers first deposit bonuses. Most sites require that your first deposit be at least $20 but many others raise that minimum requirement level to as high as $200.

Just like no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses at gambling sites also have wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before being cashed out. In most cases, if you do not fulfill the wagering requirements your bonus money will be taken away and sometimes you will face further penalization, depending on the rules of your casino site.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are reserved for those players who plan on making an initial deposit of $700 and even more, sometimes ranging up to tens of thousands of dollars and more. The bonuses reserved for high rollers are better than any other type of bonus because the online brands realize that it is the high rollers that will be bringing in the most money. Because of this the high rollers get the best bonuses in the business.

The high roller bonuses work much like first deposit bonuses do except the money being given to the new player as a bonus is typically astronomically larger for high roller players. High rollers are also given the status of being a VIP member. Being a VIP not only means that you will receive the best welcome bonus around, but you will be given other types of bonuses and prizes as a VIP.

All in all there are a number of different welcome bonuses at gambling sites and while one may be perfect for you, it may not be the perfect bonus for someone else. The more you read and understand about the various bonuses the easier your decision will be when selecting the brand that you would like to play at. Bonuses may not seem like a big deal or  be big part of your decision making process but the fact of the matter is that a welcome bonus can really get you started on your way to earning money.